Bulgaria is on the international CSR map


Data from the first specialized survey on the state of corporate social responsibility in Bulgaria

On February 20, 2019, a presentation of the data from the first of its kind research on the state of CSR in Bulgaria took place at the Sofia Library. The survey was conducted among TOP 300 companies in Bulgaria at the end of 2018.


The main findings of the study indicate the following:
- Priority areas for Bulgaria are responsible consumption and the smart use of resources
- Owners and senior managers have a leading role as leaders and inspiration for their own company and the industries
- The state must be a responsible owner and to apply CSR in the enterprises that have state and municipal participation
- The CSR professional is the agent of change in the companies, but her/his potential is not used enough
- The biggest challenge to implementing CSR is the lack of human resources and knowledge on the subject


For corporate social responsibility, we have been talking for a long time, but for the first time we have aggregated data showing the degree of its development and implementation by Bulgarian companies. A five-member research team led by Dr. Marina Stefanova, for the first time in Bulgaria, drew a picture of the state of corporate social responsibility.


The State of CSR in Bulgaria 2018, conducted by CSR AdviceBox and Junction Bulgaria, took place between 1 October and 31 December 2018. among TOP 300 employers in Bulgaria, determined by number of insured persons. The well-established methodologies of international research teams from Business for Society, CSR Europe, PwC, and ACRE were applied when formulating the questionnaires. The study includes five main areas:
- External environment for CSR implementation; 
- Corporate CSR practices;
- Non-financial reporting;
-The Sustainable Development Goals of UN and the business; and
- Profile of the CSR professional.

The full survey data and analysis have been published in a pilot book, which can be found online at

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CSR AdviceBox is a multimedia information and educational project in the area of ​​Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. It includes a series of activities: research, specialized consultations and audits, professional and video training aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of CSR as a business model for sustainable development and long-term success of companies.


Dr. Marina Stefanova is the founder of CSR AdviceBox, an expert on corporate sustainability and responsibility with over 10 years of international experience, chairman of the Bulgarian Association of CSR specialists, Sustainable Development director at the UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria, lecturer in several universities in Bulgaria and around the world. She works actively to create a favorable environment for CSR implementation. In 2013 b2b media gives her the prize "Green Person of Bulgaria".


Stoyan Mihaylov is the manager of Junction Bulgaria. A highly qualified expert in market and social research with over twenty-two years of experience as a researcher and leader in Bulgarian and local offices of global marketing and social research companies. Sociologist by education, member of the Bulgarian Sociological Association. Lecturer at Sofia University, Department of Sociology (2011 - present). Member of the EFFIE Bulgaria jury. Member of the Ethics Committee of the National Council for Self-Regulation.

You can download the full research from here.
You can also find a video presenting the main points from the research, by following this link