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3D Engl Leaders


  • Author:  Marina Stefanova, Justin Thoms, Jane Muita, Esther Gombash
    • Size: 165/235 mm
    • Cover Type: Paperback
    • GenreBiographies & Autobiographies; Bulgarian Authors, Leadership
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  • Description

    Our paths crossed in 2020 to dedicate most of our inspiration, time, and experience to imagine and outline the contours of the leaders we believe are the missing part of the solution to build a better tomorrow. Today.

    Leaders for a New Beginning is a beautiful reminder that strong and bright examples are all around us, that we have multiple springs which we inspire from and draw constructive ideas. Also that we ourselves have the power to awake and live actively the qualities we value and admire, and which make the real difference in our lives.

    Leaders for a New Beginning is not just a project pointing to the bright examples outside of us, but a reminder of our ability and responsibility to contribute to the world with our "small things" made "with great love."