State of CSR in Bulgaria 2020 Results

Без имеHighlights from the biannual report on the state of #CSR in Bulgaria 2020. The survey covers the perceptions, application and evaluation of the policies and activities of TOP300 employers in the country. Full text of the report can be downloaded from Here

The highlights can be viewed HERE.

Data from the second specialized survey on the state of corporate social responsibility in Bulgaria for 2020 can be found Here

On February 26, 2021, a presentation of the data from the second research on the state of CSR in Bulgaria took place online. The survey was conducted among TOP 300 companies in Bulgaria at the end of 2020.

For the second time we have aggregated data for CSR activities that shows the degree of its development and implementation by Bulgarian companies. A five-member research team drew a picture of the state of corporate social responsibility.

The well-established methodologies of international research teams from Business for Society, CSR Europe, PwC, and ACRE were applied when formulating the questionnaires.